Monthly Membership


Rates: Starting at $175/month for people with clay experience.

Storage: Members have their own shelves and are designated a number for easy sorting and pick up of their pieces.

Membership Hours: Access to the studio and equipment during Membership Hours (7 AM - 10 PM daily). Keycode entry. Wheels would be unavailable during class time, which are posted here.

Age requirements:
Must be 17 or older for membership

Equipment Includes:

  • 6 wheels
  • Work tables
  • Slab roller
  • Extruder
  • Studio glazes
  • Communal tools
What's included? 25 lbs bag of clay each month, with all firing and glazing costs included.  Members can bring their own glazes/tools but are also welcome to use the studio's supplies.

No Measurement Required: No need to weigh or measure your pieces; members receive clay and have firing and glazing costs covered.

Firing Range: The studio fires in a mid-range (^06 bisque & ^5- ^6 glaze).

Glazes: Members can use studio glazes or bring their own. Must be  ^6 glaze.


With our monthly memberships, you’ll have full access to our studio equipment, in-house glazes, and firing services. Please fill out the form below to find out more.